Purrfect Selections

That bundle of fur is part of your family. So why wouldn’t you feed them with the same nutritious standards you set for everyone else? We use the same stringent criteria for our pet foods as we do for all of our products. We focus on whole, fresh, grain-free ingredients sourced from U.S. Farmers, Ranchers, and Fishermen. And NONE of the lines we carry have EVER been part of any recalls. And just like you and I, a healthy diet for your furry friend means a healthy, active furry friend. So if you’re looking for run-of-the-mill factory churned pet “food”, you’re barking up the wrong tree. But if you choose quality, human-grade, U.S. sourced food made from whole Chicken, Salmon, Venison, Lamb, and other proteins, we’ve got the Purrfect selection for you!